Ulyanovsk State Technical university

RCAI is the annual (until 2018 – biennial) conference organized by Ulyanovsk State Technical university, Federal Research Center “Computer Science and Control” of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence and held since 1988. RCAI covers a whole range of AI sub-disciplines: Machine Learning, Reasoning, Planning, Natural Language Processing etc.
Since 2018 selected high-quality papers of RCAI are published in English. Recent conference history includes RCAI 2018 in Moscow, 2016 in Smolensk, Russia, RCAI 2014 in Kazan, Russia and goes back to RCAI 1988 held in Pereslavl-Zalessky.

A volume of English language articles on the Springer site:

1093 volume of “Communications in Computer and Information Science” series.

Important dates:

  1. Submission and registration open: since 1 January 2019
  2. All kinds of submissions (all venues via EasyChair) due: 30 April 2019 15 May 2019
  3. End of reviewing: 15 June 2019 15 July 2019
  4. Acceptance and Reviewer feedback: 20 June 2019 20 July 2019
  5. Camera-ready Submission: 28 July 2019
  6. Early registration: 2 August 2019 1 September 2019
  7. Late registration: 1 September 2019 15 October 2019
  8. Conference Dates: 21–25 October 2019

Main topics

  • Knowledge engineering and ontology
  • Intellectual dynamic and robotic systems
  • Intelligent Decision Support and Management Systems
  • Intelligent data analysis
  • Predictive text analysis and semantic WEB
  • Classification, recognition and diagnosis
  • Cognitive research and psychological aspects of AI
  • Modeling reasoning and non-classical logic
  • Fuzzy models and soft calculations
  • Neural network methods and neuroinformatics
  • Applied intelligent systems, including:
  1. Intelligent Systems Industry 4.0;
  2. Internet of things and industrial Internet;
  3. Intellectualization of industrial, transport and energy systems.


 Ulyanovsk State Technical university

 Federal Research Center “Computer Science and Control” of the Russian Academy of Sciences

 Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence